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अमेरिकामा अशेष डंगोल उर्फ ​​हिमालयन हेन्ड्रिक्स सम्मानित

 नेपाल क्यालिफोर्निया अमेरिकाको आदिवासी जनजाति महासंघले अशेष डंगोल उर्फ ​​हिमालयन हेन्ड्रिक्सको एक विशेष कार्यक्रमको आयोजना गरी बैशाख ९ गते शनिबार सम्मान गरिएकाे छ ।


Ashesh "All Those Beautiful Dream" released on 3rd September 2022 at Rastriya Naach Ghar , Jamal. All the songs in the album was written, composed, mixed/ mastered and produced by Ashesh Dangol. Bikash Shrestha and Nitin Rana has played Bass and Drums in the album. You can now purchase the album in all digital platforms or ordered the album directly from Ashesh. To ordered the album directly you can write to








With a unique blend of blues, rock and Eastern rhythms Ashesh and Nekhvam is a Nepali Band formed in 1994 by the brothers Ashesh Dangol and Sibesh Dangol. This powerhouse duo has diligently worked to bring attention to the Blues by becoming the first International Blues Touring Band from Nepal. Many guitarists can master the technical playing of the blues but the emotion and the soul of the blues is what it's all about. "It’s like a mirror”, as quoted by Ashesh Dangol. Known as the Himalayan Hendrix all over the world, Ashesh has been hailed by the German and the Norwegian press, contributing to the overall success of the band. Also contributing to their international recognition was a huge outbreak of Himalayan Hendrix fans in Europe after their successful tours of Norway and Germany in 2010. The band does not only play for its fans but also plays for the underprivileged children to raise funds through concerts and charity programs. The band had performed in Thailand on September 2015 in the concert “Pray and Play for Nepal” to help the earthquake victims of Nepal after the massive destruction in 2015. As credited for the mastery of music on the Blues front, the band has been working on its fourth album which is to be launched soon which includes songs like "In My Brother Blues", "Freedom of Speech" and many more. Many of their distinctive songs are composed in English and Nepali. Ashesh Dangol is thought to be the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix from Kathmandu. The band has been trying its best to give a platform to Blues music in Nepal, as it is one of the least known genres in the country. Blues is all about reality and passion. To date the band has released five albums; Free Spirit, Free Spirit II, New Spirit, Bachna Deu and Life to live on. whereas the fourth and fifth albums on the way are named Bachna Deu and Life to Live On, respectively. Ashesh and Nekhvam have already performed at many events and venues including their first solo Blues concert, "The Blue Note" organized by Wave Magazine; "Music Behind The Canvas" organized by the band itself; "Acoustica" jointly organized by Our Nepal and KTM Rocks to name a few. For the spread of Blues music along with the intention to help society, Ashesh and Nekhvam organized the first Blues festival "Kathmandu Blues 2006". With its success the band again took the initiative to help the education of poor children by organizing "Blues For A Cause with Nekhvam" in 2007. After its big success in Kathmandu, the band toured in Spain and participated in the International Music Festival in Almeria, Spain, titled, "Alamar 2007". With the great performance in Alamar 2007 at Rambla theatre, Ashesh and Nekhvam were invited to Clasi Jazz Club in Almeria, Spain and participated in the International Music Festival in Almeria, Spain, titled, "Alamar 2007". With the great performance in Alamar 2007 at Rambla theatre, Ashesh and Nekhvam was invited to Clasi Jazz Club in Almeria, Spain where they gave once again their best performance. Then followed the release of their second album in 2009.

As the band is totally devoted to Blues and with much struggle has reached to this height of fame, the only note from the band Ashesh and Nekhvam is to not let go the undying spirit of Blues.

In 2011, the band toured to Europe for the third time and performed in Norway, Scotland, England and Germany for many music festivals and pubs located there.  For the second time, the band performed in Blues and Balance Festival in Husvaer, Norway. The band also paid tribute to all those victims of the tragic massacre in Norway in 2011.

The band also performed in a music festival “It’s All Gravey” in Loxwood, Sussex, England. The band also played at the Edinburg Mela Festival, one of the biggest in Scotland. Therefore, it is a matter of pride as Ashesh and Nekhvam is the first Blues Rock band from Asia to perform there. The band also did charity performance during their tour in 2011 in,

·       Alter Ega Bar, London, for the education of children in Nepal

·       Charity Dinner, Reading, England, for the development of sports in Nepal

·       Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow, Scotland, charity for Botanical Garden for the Nepali in Scotland

·       It’s All Gravey Festival, Sussex, England, charity for the education of the African poor

The band concluded their German tour by performing at “Herzberg Festival” in Fabrik, Hamburg and “Remember Jimi Festival” in Fehrman, Germany, where legends like B.B King, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Nirvana have performed.  Ashesh and Nekhvam is the first Nepali band to play in the big German festival/venue, “Fabrik” in Hamburg. Seeing to this the band was even booked a year ahead for this very festival. The band had clearly shown through this tour that how music can bring hearts together as it spreads love, peace and harmony.

Ashesh lives by a very rich music philosophy i.e., "Samadhi, learning, loving and then sharing with others” as mentioned during his interview taken by Michael Limnios for For him life has become really very beautiful after he has learned to love himself in every way and be humble like music. Ashesh Dangol has been featured as an international musician in Colorado Music Business Organization and Jmoon Promotion, Colorado, USA. Ashesh has also performed together with a Grammy Award and Norwegian best blues Award winner Mr, Amund Maarud during his tour to Norway on 2016. His 2016 tour to Norway has once again introduced him as the most successful international act from Nepal.Currently he is touring in different cities of US.

Compiled by Astha Gurung

Searching for my Blues

Savannah,Georgia,USA Series 2018

Rachel's, George Town, Georgia, 2018(Video)

Ashesh: Guitar/ Vocal, Mike: Bass, John: Drums

Bayou Cafe, River Street, Savannah, Georgia 2018(Video)

Ashesh: Guitar/ Vocal, Mike: Bass, Drums: Larry, Congas: Panama

In my brother's blues

Fabrik Hall

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